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Agriturismo Villa Vittoria, and the Masseria Torre Zuvinu are located on the Ionian Coast of Calabria, surrounded by beautiful countryside.




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There is no family in Calabria, which has not been emigration towards Italy itself, but also to countries far away.

Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States, Argentina are only some of the countries where they are emigrants, thousands of Calabria between 1870 and 1970. Some returned, others remained in the countries where they were landed. Many of them were able to revise their land, many others do not returned, the emptiness that this phenomenon created can still be felt today in the families of origin.

Many of the emigrants that we host, we ask you to rediscover their origins, to seek the reality of what they have heard, and that he was told, the other parties later, I want to enjoy old emotions.

Our families have known the detachment of the emigration, and it is for this reason that we want to offer authentic hospitality to all those who want a complete experience, fulfilling, exciting, the most intimate is the one to recover their roots.


The wife of Antonio, he booked passage at the property for himself and his family, i.e. daughter, with her husband and daughter. ll the month of September came and stood at our reception, we quickly realized that we something familiar but there was curious about particularly the English macaronic of Antonio while informed us of being the party in the 50 years abroad, to find good fortune, made them family by getting married to the current wife.

My mother, after all the pleasantries, told the family that she was a native of Bivongi and that we still have relatives that live there, for Antonio this was a great relief because this hook was important for what he had in mind for himself and for his family.

After a long chat about what we do, our mission and the experiences that we organize, assoporando the welcome drink in the garden of the oranges, Antonio asked us to help him to run through the places, smells, tastes and sensations that had lived during the period who had grown up here, wanting to transfer to his loved ones as he thought he had lost and not being able to retrace.

Antonio and his family return periodically and each time reminds us that there is still some experience that must repeat, for us it is an honor to be able to satisfy, because it is as if we did for our distant relatives.

All of this is what we hope to do with you.


  • If you do not know your relatives, we can help you rintraciarli.
  • We can prepare you for a trip in your countries of origin.
  • We give you all the information on religious festivals, markets and events of interest to you.
  • We will take you to the offices for the research data.
  • In our farm Restaurant you can request the dishes of your forefathers.
  • At our direction you could book the cooking school
  • .....................

    You can book an excursion to our farm where you will be immersed in an ancient world, you will see plantations and fruit orchards, herb gardens and ancient fruit.

    Visit our museums that will introduce you to the life of our grandparents with their traditions, uses and customs.

    Discover ancient mills and wine presses, old casolati restored and the old stables, you will also visit the ancient hydraulic structures for the mills and olive oil mills.

    Our proposal is an emotional that wants to make you discover our roots.

      You can still take a vacation using our services richeativi, such as the swimming pool, or take excursions to historical and cultural, to go to the beach, go hiking in the rivers, or visit the many waterfalls, you can participate in numerous festivals and musical events such as the Tarantella Power or the Jazz Festival.

      We are close to:

      Guardavalle, Santa Caterina Dello Ionio, Badolato, Isca, Sant'andrea dello Ionio, San Sosene, Davoli, Soverato.

      Caulonia, Stilo, Bivongi, Pazzano, Riace, Stignano, Caulonia, Gioiosa Ionica, To Rocella Ionica, Siderno

        CLOSE TO US

        In 10/30 min

        Bivongi and Stilo, Monasterace and Pazzano

        • The beaches of the Ionian Sea
        • San Giovanni Theristis
        • The Marmarico waterfall
        • Baths Guide
        • The historic centre
        • Catholic
        • The norman castle
        • The monastery of Monte Stella
        • Archaeological park of Kaulon + Atiquarium


          In 30/60 min

          Badolato, Soverato, Squillace, Roccella Jonica, Locri

          • Tomb of Cassiodorus
          • Park archaeological Scolacium Borgia
          • Tourist port "delle Grazie
          • Gerace - historical city Center
          • Archaeological park of Locri Epizefiri
          • Museum of Santa Barbara (MU SA BA) Mammola


            In 60/120 min


            • Tropea can be reached in about 2 hours through an emotional and breathtaking at the same time, from here you can embark for the Aeolian Islands
            • Reggio Calabria is accessible in 1,50 minutes, here you can visit the National Museum as well as the wonderful waterfront and there you can embark for Sicily.
            • Catanzaro is reachable 1,20 minutes
            • Serra San Bruno, the city of the famous Certosa
            • Mongiana, where are the Museum and the Foundry Bourbon

            In 60/120 min

            In the mountains

            • Serra San Bruno, the city of the famous Certosa
            • Mongiana, where are the Museum and the Foundries of Bourbon and the wonderful Park of the Forest Villa Vittoria

            The high and wonderful roller of Calabria is host to several Parks. The closest to us?

            The Regional Natural park of the Serre

            Along the apennines, we find also:

            National park of the Aspromonte

            National park of the Sila

            The Pollino National park

            Calabria is affected by a 750 km of coastline.

            Near us the white sand Beaches or cliffs.

            The beach Monasterace

            The beach of Riace

            The beach of Isca

            The beach of Roccella Jonica

            The beach of Soverato

            The beach of Pietragrande and Caminia

            The abrupt difference in altitude between the mountains and the sea has allowed the formation of many waterfalls.

            Just A few minutes you will find:

            The Marmarico waterfall Bivongi

            The Waterfalls of Pietracupa Guardavalle

            The Waterfalls of San Nicola, Caulonia

            Museums and the Antiquarium
            Hermitages, Caves and
            Basiliani Monasteries
            Archaeological excavations

            This land is rich in testimoninaze to this the presence of numerous museums.

            The most important nearby:

            • MAK - Museum/Archaeological Park of ancient Kaulon Monasterace RC
            • The Municipal art gallery "Francesco Cozza" Stilo  RC
            • The museum Of the Royal Foundries Of Mongiana VV
            • MUSABA - Foundation Spatari/Maas Mammola RC
            • Museum/National Archeological Park of Scolacium Borgia CZ
            • The museum and the national archaeological Park of Locri RC

            Calabria has had many names, Italy, Oenotria, and even the Magna Graecia.

            • Museum/Archaeological Park of ancient Kaulon Monasterace RC
            • Museum/National Archeological Park of Scolacium Borgia CZ
            • Museum and national archaeological Park, Locri Locri RC
            • Reali ferriere ed Officine di Mongiana VV

            Due to the settlement of the basilian monks, this area is also called the Island of the Byzantine.

            Here trovimo many of their testimonies:

            • The monastery of St. John the Teresthis in Bivongi
            • The monastery of Saint Hilarion in Caulonia
            • The hermitage of Santa Maria della Stella-Pazzano
            • The chapel of the divine shepherdess rod

            AS YOU CAN GET

            In the plane

            The International airport of Lamezia Terme Sant'eufemia

            In the car

            Strada statale 106 Jonica (SS 106). Also known as the 106, called the E90 on the European road network, it is a state road Italian that extends for 491 km from Reggio Calabria to Taranto along the ionian coast of Calabria, Basilicata and part of that of apulia.

            • Output for a Stylus - Serra San Bruno. Strada statale 110 (SS 110), is a former state road. Today, the "strada provinciale 9" (SP9)
            • Output for Guardavalle - Strada provinciale 141 (SP141)


            The station of Monasterace-Stilo

            By sea

            The Port - Marina of Roccella Jonica

            Coordinarte GPS

            Latitude: 38.478936

            Longitude: 16.516273

            Latitude: 38.28.44

            Longitude: 16.30.58


            VILLA VITTORIA


            VILLA VITTORIA


            VILLA VITTORIA

            TO DISCOVER


            For you the best of our experience

            The Greeks, Byzantines, Bourbons, and not only that, they have chosen this corner of the earth to settle and to do that you will have had of the reasons, nowadays, the evidence of literary, historical and artistic make it once again unique and original, so you can define a few attractions truly special and unique in their kind.

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